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The BodyCode® System Workshop with Maggie

Workshop for Pilates instructors, fitness instructors, yoga teachers, dancers and movement professionals

You may have encountered these questions from your clients or while you are doing your own practice.

  - How to achieve active muscles stretching quickly and safely?

  - How to train the body to start and stop quicker, performa a firm run, turn sharper and avoid falling during movement?

  - What is the effective way to improve balance and coordination?

  - How to stretch, lengthen and strengthen the muscles and tendons in the legs and back?

  - How to reduce muscle cramps, strains, tendonitis and backaches?

Date: 2015.09.28 & 29 (Mon, Tue)

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Max. no. of people per class: 10

(in Chinese with English translation if needed)

Call 6406 3642 or text 137 6188 5364 for price and registration. 

Maggie is the first licensed BodyCode® System instructor in Mainland China. She traveled to Italy to study under the inventor, Pino Carbone. She is both the only licensed BodyCode System® instructor and Franklin Method educator in China. Maggie is a fully certified STOTT PILATES® instructor at the Orange Room. Maggie has been studying dance since she was 3 years old. She is currently active in the ballroom latin dance competition circuit. 

MasterStretch® / Elvis The BodyKey®
The BodyCode® System is a method for evaluating and correcting movement patterns devised by Pino Carbone during the 90s. Based on his solid experience in training athletes and dancers, and working in the field of motor rehabilitation and re-education, he developed and tested this system over a course of 20 years. Popular in US/Europe/Japan, BodyCode® System is a movement system that remarkably releases the fascia tension in the muscles, especially in the back and legs. Both the MasterStretch® and the Elvis The BodyKey® are patented, curve-bottom designed. The unstable base enables improvement of movement, and retrain any muscle and fascia imbalance. They are easy to carry and are effective tools for training. Professional athletes and dancers have proven to improve their performance remarkably. The system is not limited to professionals; recreational fitness practitioners, office workers, mature bodies, athletic trainers and physical therapists can all benefit from learning the BodyCode® System.

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