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Sit, Stand, Walk and Easy Run with Walter

Improve posture, from sitting to standing to walking, and finally running with ease. The workshops are designed for:

- Fitness enthusiasts who want to improve posture and joint articulation
- Beginning runners who want to set a proper start and run skillfully
- Runners who want to improve their techniques and to reduce the risk of injury
- Pilates teachers and personal trainers who want to help their clients improve their performance in running
- Parents who want to help their children and teenagers improve posture

Date: (I) 2015.10.31 (Sat)

                (II) 2015.11.28 (Sat)

                (III) 2015.12.19 (Sat)

Time: 13:00 - 17:00

(in Chinese with English translation if needed)

Call 6406 3642 or text 137 6188 5364 for price and registration. 

Learn the basic principles of musculoskeletal alignment. Improve posture and poise!

Relieve pain and tension from the modern day lifestyle of long sitting and excessive use of computers and mobile phones.

Improve posture in young age and in adulthood. Through such learning parents can help build a solid foundation for their children.

Individual evaluation on gait. Learn the principles of gait to achieve easy long-distance walking and running.

Learn to analyze various running patterns: the ball of the foot, the arch and the heel.

Effective breathing for running.

Using Pilates equipment and mat exercises to achieve the above goals.

About Walter:
- Educator for Polestar Pilates training
- Had trained several hundreds of instructors for AFAA and Polestar all over China
- Completed the Polestar Studio education in Shanghai and Hong Kong; one of the first instructors to achieve international certification for all Pilates equipment 
- One of the first coaches and examiners for American Fitness and Aerobic Association (AFAA) in China
- Has completed several thousands hours of training internationally and within China
- Has accumulated over 10 years of teaching experience, including 10,000+ hours of Pilates teaching.
- Specialized in posture correction, muscle and joint pain relief, and enhancing athletic performance (golf, running, etc.)
- A running enthusiast who has competed in several full and half marathons

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