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The Orange Room Wellness Center was founded by a team of Yoga and Pilates teachers from Canada, Germany, Taiwan & Hong Kong in 2006. Over the years, our members, faculty, guest teachers and consultants who came from different parts of the world have organically grown into a community in which we connect, share, learn and grow together. We strive to provide an environment in which people of all sizes, ages and levels of experience can feel accomplished and supported. 

Our body is born and designed to move. Be active to be well and healthy. 

There are many modalities of movement training, and at the Orange Room we focus on the practices that promote the body-mind connection. We offer group and private classes on Yoga, equipment-based Pilates and Mats Pilates, and BodyCode System. We are equipped with the latest V2 Max Reformers, Cadillac, Stability Chairs, Ladder Barrel, etc. from STOTT PILATES®. We encourage ‘practicing without comparison’: not with others, and not even with our past or future selves. 

Invigorate the mind. Learn how to live a healthier life.

Our courses and workshops are intended to enhance your knowledge on the physical, emotional and intellectual wellness. We aim to provide tools that are practical and effective for handling challenges in modern day living.

Grow to your fullest potential.

We offer internationally certified yoga and Pilates instructor training programs and continuing education courses. We are the first STOTT PILATES® host training center in Mainland China, offering instructor training courses twice a year. Our Yoga Teacher Training programs are certified under Yoga Alliance.

Healing, the natural way.

Our therapeutic team includes doctors and specialists on Ancient Chinese Medicine, Moxibustion, Rolfing and Nutrition Consultation. With respect on energy of nature and life, these holistic approaches assist the body's natural ability to heal itself by restoring harmony and balance.

Let’s MOVE, LEARN, GROW together.

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