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  • Dr. Sylvie Martin is a Ancient Chinese Medicine doctor and member of the French National Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has accumulated over 20 years of medical practice, specializing in acupuncture and women's health issues. She has a broad knowledge in ancient healing and energy arts, and has taught Chinese medicine, meditation and oriental culture for many years in Beijing and Shanghai. Sylvie is Supervisor in charge of China affairs for Acupuncture Sans Frontières, a non-governmental organization that provides acupuncture training for underprivileged areas around the world aiming to upgrade their healthcare autonomy. She has also been practicing meditation for over 10 years, and has taken an advanced study of meditation as well as Indian-Tibetan Psychotherapy. She has a profound understanding on the body, mind, spirit and the chakra system. A native of France, Sylvie speaks French, English, Chinese and German.

  • 一刀擅长运用古典中医和针灸,在气的能量层面疗愈身心疾患。灵活运用生活中日常事理,讲解中医理论与天地奥义,并结合练习养生功、徒步登山、静坐内观等方法安定身心。一刀本名屠际斌,平面设计师、户外登山领队。十八年前因严重外伤,命悬一线,术后身心困顿,由此反观自省,开始探索生命健康道路。2009年跟随李辛医师与 Dr. Sylvie Martin 学习经典中医与古典针灸,开始领悟人体气机运行规律,明了病机与人体防御层次。担任针灸无国界协会中国地区针灸培训师,多年为中国贫困地区开展公益培训项目。在国内多家文化中医平台和媒体公益推广八部金刚功。

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The Orange Room offers much more than movement classes. We offer consultation / treatment services that help heal the body and restore health and balance with a holistic approach. With respect on energy of nature and life, these noninvasive methods assist the body's natural ability to heal itself by restoring harmony and balance.

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