Stella was in the Education Consulting business before having any exposure to Pilates. She started practicing Pilates when a lower back pain developed after her son was born. Over the course of practice she found that her posture improved, her pain disappeared, and her awareness and understanding of her body enriched. 

Being a mother of a young child Stella realizes that children will learn from and imitate their parents. She strives to help others find their best posture and potential to set up good examples for their children. She believes that when one implements positive changes, a positive ripple effect will be created around him/her.

Stella teaches in Chinese.

Certification and training: 

Mat-Plus™TM, Level 1 (STOTT PILATES®)

Reformer, Level 1 (STOTT PILATES®)

- Halo® Applications to Global Stability (MERRITHEWTM)

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