Eric has been very athletic from his school days. He’s in the track and field school team specializing in mid and long distance run. Later on, Eric was drawn to the Pilates method for its principles in precision and alignment. But when he noticed the positive changes that Pilates brought to him after practicing for some time, he was truly fascinated by it.
 “I had given up hope on my bow legged issue long ago, but after taking up Pilates training I am seeing noticeable improvement on my legs. And I want to share my passion with others.” 
In his class Eric focuses on bringing to his students the tools to achieve body awareness, conscious breathing and controlled movement. He wants to help his students release tension in the body so that they can become more sensitive of the signals from the body, and make timely and effective changes to alleviate any tension or issue. 

Eric teaches in Chinese.

Certification and training: 

- Mat-Plus™TM, Level 1 (STOTT PILATES®)

- Reformer, Level 1 (STOTT PILATES®)

- Halo® Level 1: Introduction to Intermittent Interval Training (MERRITHEWTM)

- Halo® Applications to Global Stability (MERRITHEWTM)

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