The patented, curve-bottom design creates an unstable base which enables improvement of movement, and retrain any muscle and fascia imbalance. Working on them will shorten the time for active muscles stretching from 60 mins to 15 mins. Start and stop quicker. Run firmer. Turn sharper. Avoid falling. Stretch, lengthen, and strengthen the muscles and tendons in the legs and back.

Elvis the BodyKey®

It is a portable, fast result, abs exerciser. The shifting of weight back and forth improves balance and coordination. It trains the brain and muscle pathways (neuromuscular system). Reduces muscle cramps, strains, tendonitis, and backaches.


The BodyCode® System is a method for evaluating and correcting movement patterns devised by Pino Carbone during the 90s. Based on his solid experience in training athletes and dancers, and working in the field of motor rehabilitation and re-education, he developed and tested this system over a course of 20 years. Popular in US/Europe/Japan, BodyCode® System is a movement system that remarkably releases the fascia tension in the muscles, especially in the back and legs. Classed now offered the Orange Room, led by Maggie, the only BodyCode System® certified teacher in China.

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