The 10th Seasons of STOTT PILATES® Training at The Orange Room

Intensive Stability Chair Instructor Training (ICHR)   2016/11/24-26

Admission Requirements

Completed STOTT PILATES® IMP and/or IR Level 1 instructor training

What you will learn:

    • Functional exercises to develop core strength against spring resistance in a variety of positions, including standing, sitting, prone and side-lying

    • How to apply the STOTT PILATES Five Basic Principles to Essential and Intermediate-level Stability Chair exercises

    • Better understanding of movement essence and exercise goals, proper execution and muscle activation

    • How to improve core stability, increase peripheral strength and enhance mobility on one piece of equipment

    • How the split-pedal option transforms exercises by challenging bilateral, unilateral and reciprocal strength and stability

    • Cues and corrections for safety and effectiveness

Requirements of Certification

15 hours of instruction and supervised teaching

Minimum of 5 hours of observation

Minimum of 10 hours of physical review

Minimum of 10 hours of practice teaching

Total: 40 hours

The above minimum number of hours of observation, practice teaching and physical review are required for all courses and should be completed between instructed sessions at any STOTT PILATES® facility. Additional training may be required before certification. Practice teaching and physical review hours must be logged outside of class time and submitted at the time of the practical exam.

Observation includes watching sessions taught by a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor or relevant STOTT PILATES videos.

Physical Review means physically performing the exercises learned in class. Taking a class with a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor or working out with video can qualify as physical review hours, and can be completed individually or with other students.

Practice Teaching hours can be fulfilled by instructing family, fellow students, friends or clients.

The Orange Room is honored to be the FIRST Host Training Center for STOTT PILATES® education in Mainland China!


Lead Instructor Trainer: Jeff Ong

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